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Woodworm Treatment with no smell and no solvents.

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WOODWORM TREATMENT - use Boron Ultra 12 Powder in water - for advice call 01626 331351

Boron Ultra 12 is a clear, odourless, water based fluid used to kill woodworm in buildings.

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BORON ULTRA 12 - Surface Treatment of Woodworm - wood treatment

A unique Boron based Borax powder concentrate, ready to dissolve in water, designed to treat timber by brush, spray or dipping. It avoids the hazard problems of many liquid insecticides by using only water as a carrier. It can also be used in most wood preservation situations to replace other less ‘friendly’ contact type insecticides, including Permethrin. The Boron powder is dissolved in water to treat Woodworm at 5% (BAE) for the following coverages, based on applying two coats by brush, or low pressure sprayer: Boron Ultra 12 only kills wood boring insects and has natural Fire Retardancy properties.

Supplied as a powder:

Small Powder Pack - 0.5kg of powder dissolves in 12.5 litres of water, to make a 5% solution, treats 25 square metres - for one small domestic room.

Medium Powder Pack - 1 kg of powder dissolves in 25 litres of water, to make a 5% solution, treats 50 square metres - for two domestic rooms, or a small roof.

Large Powder Pack - 2.5 kgs of powder dissolves in 62.5 litres of water, to make a 5% solution, treats 125 square metres - for a complete semi detached house.

For Amateur DIY and Professional Use when dissolved in water at up to 5% BAE.

Supplied as a liquid:

Small, Ready to Use - 5 litres already dissolved at 5% in water, treats 10 square metres - for a small room (e.g. bathroom, toilet, hall)

Large, Ready to Use - 25 litres already dissolved at 5% in water, treats 50 square metres - for two domestic rooms, or a small roof.

For Amateur DIY and Professional Use.

Typical consumption rates

Allow 4 square metres per litre, apply two coats by brush or coarse droplet, low pressure spray.

How many litres will you need - click for more info.

Always follow the instructions on the product label, wear a dust mask when mixing and check with us before purchasing to ensure that you are buying the correct product.

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Natural Fire Retardant

Boron Ultra 12 has natural Fire Retardancy properties and this is an obvious benefit when you are treating wood in buildings. The Boron compounds are frequently used in many industries to provide Fire Retardant properties, for example in board products and building materials. .

Added Fire Retardancy - to further reduce the fire risk in your building you can now buy our Fire Retardant Additive to pour into your Boron Ultra 12. It has no odour or hazards and simply boosts the natural fire retardancy without affecting the woodworm treatment.


* world-wide safety reputation - still requires no hazard warnings

* ultra low toxicity - about the same as table salt

* kills only wood boring insects - not spiders, birds or bats

* no odour - leaves no smell

* does not evaporate - stays in the wood

* 1 hour re-entry time - lowest for any insecticide

* non-flammable - is actually a flame retardant

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Technical Support

All PRS products are supported with Method Statements, Specifications and comprehensive technical support. Please ask for our technical department. Contact us at: 01626 331351 or help@propertyrepairsystems.co.uk

Certificate of Product Guarantee

We offer a printed Certificate of Product Guarantee for individual properties, should you require one for your Bank, Building Society or house purchaser.

Call us for details on 01626 331351.


See our Woodworm Technical Information page for Product Safety Information. The Boron based product, Boron Ultra 12, used for Woodworm Treatment when diluted in water at 5% BAE is fully Licensed by the HSE and is not required to carry any hazard warning labels.

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Hole size - 1mm to 2mm in diameter.

Common furniture beetle, Anobium Punctatum, has a 5 year life cycle, but the adult only lives for a few weeks and cuts the hole you see in order to exit and find a mate. Eggs are laid onto the timber surface or in old holes. The baby grubs bore back in and the cycle repeats.

Buy the Insect 'Bible' - Identifying Wood Boring Insects, Rots and Moulds: full colour: BRE - £55.00.

Click to buy BRE Book.

How to Treat Common Furniture Beetle - look for fresh, bright dart sized holes

1. Remove the source of moisture, ventilate, control humidity - woodworm like damp timber best

2. Cut out any decay, loose timber and all surface tunnels, brush down - no point in treating debris and dust.

3. Apply two coats of Boron Ultra 12 by spray to cleaned timber, plus Boron Ultra Gel to end grain, damp stained or heavily attacked areas.

4. Added Fire Retardancy - purchase our Fire Retardant Additive to mix into your Boron Ultra 12 liquid.


Woodworm Treatment - woodworm treatment products to enhance the basic surface spray


1. BORON ULTRA GEL - Surface Applied by brush - for damp and dry wood

A Boron based brushing Gel ideal for damp stained wood, end grain and bearing area treatment of beams and joists. Also useful for medium to heavy active infestations of insect attack and treatment of new timbers for use in vulnerable areas (e.g. back of skirting boards).


2. BORON ULTRA PASTE - Deep Injected Treatment - for damp wood

A unique Boron based Paste, which uses a special blend of technical grade Glycols as carriers. It can be injected into timber, with the advantage of supplying a highly concentrated mobile preservative which will spread even at low (down to 12% TMC) moisture content levels. Simple to apply with a standard skeleton gun and highly effective because of the available level of active Boron content deep inside the wood. It is injected into 8mm diameter holes at up to 120mm along the grain, 75mm across the grain and down to within 15mm of the opposing side of the timber (see hole Spacing Chart).


3. ULTRA TIMBER PASTE - Deep Injected Treatment - for dry wood

An alternative treatment for drier timber (under 12% TMC) - Permethrin in an emulsion cream base. Has some odour and solvent. Do not use in buildings housing fish or birds. Essential for deep seated active Death Watch Beetle, or the voracious House Longhorn Beetle, where the moisture content of the wood is too low to spread the Boron based paste.


4. BORON RODS - Solid Rods for placing in holes to act as a Boron reservoir - for wet wood

These solid rods of HIGH STRENGTH Boron 173 are used to protect timbers which are constantly or occasionally damp: window frames, external joinery, wall plates, embedded beam ends, garden posts, fence posts, door frames, etc. They can also be used in conjunction with BORON ULTRA PASTE, to act as a long term reservoir. The standard sizes - 8mm x 24mm and 8mm x 65mm - fit into 10mm diameter holes. We supply plastic bang in caps to cover the holes in brown, red and limestone colours.


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1. Common Furniture Beetle - apply 2 coats of Boron Ultra 12 at 5% in water by brush or spray.

2. Heavy Concentrations of Common Furniture Beetle - add Boron Ultra Gel by brush.

3. Death Watch Beetle - tap with a hammer and drill test to determine the extent, then apply Boron Ultra Gel by brush, plus Boron Paste by injection. Check annually and re-treat if active. This insect can be a structural hazard to your building, so consult us or a Professional Building Surveyor before carrying out treatment.

4. Wood Boring Weevil - remove all rotted timber, then apply Boron Ultra Gel, plus Boron Paste by injection to any timber that is damp (or, if you have a Damp Meter, over 18% total moisture content). The Weevil itself does not need treatment - it will die out naturally when the dampness is reduced. The treatment is necessary to protect the timber from Dry Rot, which can follow Wet Rot as the moisture content falls.

5. House Longhorn Beetle - cut out all infected timber, then inject Ultra Timber Paste (Permethrin based). This insect can be a structural hazard to your building, so consult us or a Professional Building Surveyor before carrying out treatment.




Example - Insect attack in Railway Sleepers and Poles

Sleepers and Poles are frequently used in gardens to retain raised beds or to act as terracing walls. These garden timbers become very damp and despite pre-treatments once the insects and wet rot enter through cracks and splits they can fall apart. Railway Sleepers - yes, these enormous, creosote treated timbers do rot and London Underground and Railtrack have used 1000s of Boron Ultra Rods, but in a much larger size, to extend the life of these expensive components. Special carriage mounted Ultra Sound machines detect the rotting sleepers and these are then drilled, injected and capped as part of regular maintenance.

Telegraph and Electricity Poles themselves are also susceptible to wet rot and rapid insect attack, after the pressure creosote treatment has diminished, especially in the ground zone, where splits and shakes allow moisture and air into the core. Boron Ultra Paste and Boron Ultra Rods are used in combination to prevent further decay and extend the working life of the poles and sleepers.

Drilling a Pole for Boron Injection

Drilling a Pole to insert a Boron Rod





Example - Insect attack in Posts and Frames

Posts in the ground - use our special 'Save a Post' kit - drill holes in all four sides at ground level downwards at a 45 degree angle to overlap within the post beneath the ground. Blow out the holes. Inject Boron Ultra Paste to the base of the hole and insert a Boron Ultra Rod through the paste.

Timber Frame House - Death Watch Beetle

Frames and door legs - drill 8-10mm diameter holes above and below each joint to within 15mm of the opposing face. Blow out the holes. Inject Boron Ultra Paste to the base of the hole and insert a Boron Ultra Rod through the paste.

Window Cill and Window Frame

Red indicates best positions for Boron Rods











Use Wood Preservatives and Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information Data Sheet before use.

Wear the correct safety equipment and keep unprotected people and animals out of the treated area for the statutory period given on the label, or until surfaces are dry, which ever is the longer.

All products have some hazards and the COSHH Regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) apply to ALL building repair and construction products that we sell, even Cement.

If in doubt consult us for free technical help. Take care not to contaminate soil, waterways or the environment with the product or the waste and packaging. These can be returned to us for disposal.

Avoid using any type of chemical in your home if any of the following are likely to come into contact with the spray or treated surfaces: animals, fish, birds, babies, young children, asthmatics, pregnant women or those vulnerable due to ill health.

On-going European reclassification of Pesticides has resulted in our Borax product having to carry a warning label (for the first time since 1890) on all products used at over 5.5% BAE concentration. This label is a warning that if you eat the product and then became pregnant you might give birth to a slightly underweight baby, or suffer a slight reduction in the size of your testes. The tests, on rats, required them to eat the human equivalent of 18 level teaspoons full of Borate (DOT) per day for 2 years. We believe that you are unlikely to do this and the lack of any other negative evidence, despite the severely critical European Review process, confirms that this product is very safe indeed.

Woodworm treatment products do not need to even reach the 5% concentration level to be effective, so are not subject to any additional labelling, because of their unblemished safety record.

See our Technical section for more information.




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